Hoot Owl Studios at Aveson Charter Schools




"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."
- Dorothea Lange


Just like our unique and personalized approach in the classroom, Aveson’s school photos are not the typical one-shot-fits-all pictures we all grew up with. Set in nature, with natural lighting and poses that highlight each individual, our school photographer Chris Strothers seems to understand each and every kid when she focuses on them. Not surprising really, since Chris and her business partner Erin Johnson are veteran Aveson parents who have been at the school since the beginning. They know the importance of individuality and the diverse faces and personalities that will flash their smiles (or not!) on picture day.

"A school photo is such an iconic keepsake,” said Erin. “We wanted those keepsakes to reflect the amazing spirit of these students and this school."

"That's really why we do th is," added Chris. "It's all about the kids."

When the two friends heard parents note that typical school photos didn't fit the culture of the school, they took a page from Aveson’s guiding principles: When identifying problems, offer strategies and solutions. They combined Chris’ talents as a film and photography director with Erin’s project management and marketing background, and within a few months they developed a website and production pipeline to take on school-wide portraits for Aveson.

Hoot Owl Studios has been honing their skills since. With two years of student portraits under their belts, they have also expanded their business to specialize in family portraits that are a bit more quirky and spirited than what you’ll get with most photography studios.

Prints, gift items, and digital downloads can all be purchased online, and items are delivered straight to students' homes (an email code will be sent out when photos are ready to view and order online).

We’re happy to have Hoot Owl on the Aveson team.


Looking for photos from last year...or even the year before that? Fortunately for you, we still have them all!   Click here to go to our new Aveson School page.

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